Huron Board of REALTORS

                    Welcome to the Huron Board of REALTORS!

 The Huron Board of REALTORS is here to assist the REALTORS serving the

 Huron, South Dakota area and their customers.  If you're thinking of

 selling or are looking to buy a home, please feel free to contact any

 of the REALTOR Members found on this site.

 Whether you're buying or selling a home, hire a REALTOR who wants

 to earn your business.  We invite you to contact any REALTOR serving

 the Huron area, as they are trained to assist you with this important


 In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or

 selling real estate in South Dakota, please contact a REALTOR, as they

 are more than willing to help.

 Please browse our website for important local real estate information.

 Contact Information:

 Huron Board of Realtors

 Rose Kluth, Association Executive

 P.O. Box 529

 Huron, South Dakota 57350

 (605) 354-5352